Judas Peach

Judas Peach
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Judas Peach

Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Rooibos Tea, Natural Peach Flavor, Apple Pieces, Marigold Flowers, Apricots

The two ounce bag of tea will usually yield approximately:
15 large cups (16 oz) of tea or
30 small cups (8 oz). of tea

The four ounce reusable tin of tea will usually yield approximately:
30 large cups (16 oz) of tea or
60 small cups (8 oz). of tea

This particular blend is good for multiple infusions, meaning you may use the same leaves for more than 1 cup of tea!

All of our teas come loose. You will need an infuser or empty filters to prepare our teas. All teas are packaged in resealable pouches, come with easy steeping instructions, and a list of ingredients.

***Please be aware that tea blends MAY contain or come in contact with common allergens.  Please view the list of ingredients before selecting your teas.  If you have an aversion to something, please be sure to let us know.***

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